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How Various Things Affect the Health of Hair

This is something that most people don’t even know, but it is true, food can and in fact will affect the health of your hair. That is because hair is a part of our body just like anything else, therefore our overall health can affect the health of our health. Of course, if you have a balding problem, that is usually or at least in most cases because of the genetics and not due to products and food. You can also expect that your hair will start growing much slower when you are older because hair will need much more time to regenerate and grow out then it takes to fall out.

Some studies have shown that humans lose around 100 hairs per day. That number is just an estimation, that means that it is depending on certain factors, you can lose more or less than a 100 per day. Here are some of the most common problems that can affect your hair:


Yes, it is true, you can and will start losing hair more rapidly if you are stressing out a lot. Of course, this has to be very extreme stress levels like the ones that people get when they experience a traumatic event, serious illness or some psychological stress. All those can lead to follicles of the hair to start resting. When the follicles get into resting mode, they will start to release the shafts of the hairs and that can lead to loss of hair. However, after you are calmed down and you are not stressing anymore, the hair should grow back naturally.

Medications and Supplements

People don’t realize that products and medications that they use can affect their hair. Even some high doses of vitamin A can be extremally toxic for the hair and eventually can lead to hair loss. Some products that you find for very cheap might not be the perfect choice for your hair because it was not tested properly or it is just simply not suitable for your type of hair or skin. In those cases, some products can lead to hair loss. That’s why we would like to recommend one product that can be used on any type of hair and it is proven to be safe and give good results, the product is called hair megaspray.

Hormonal Shifts

As you might know this by now hormones are affecting our whole body and our hair is not an exception. The male hormones are called androgens and they are responsible for male hair growth and because they are affected by testosterone, males grow much more hair on the face and the whole body. Females should never start growing facial hair, if that happens that is a sign that some hormones are not right and you should probably see a doctor.

The levels of androgens will significantly decrease when you reach the age of 40, the decrease of the hormones will lead to slower growing hair and much thinner. With females, they can expect some serious hair loss at the start of their menopause because they will experience a drastic estrogen fall.

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