How should you shop for health supplements

To remain healthy and lead a productive life everybody needs to eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly. But sometimes despite that, there are a few deficiencies in the body that must be overcome with supplements. Generally, people live in the misconception that all supplements are made equal and it is only the brand name that differs. In reality, you need to shop smartly for supplements because there are a lot of counterfeits on the market that will cause more harm than good.


Tips to shop wisely for health supplements

  1. Research: Your health is your responsibility and you cannot afford to be careless. Hence before you buy any supplement read about it – the benefits, the risks, and any side effects. Do not grab anything that looks appealing off the shelf or because it has been advertised vociferously on television.
  2. Seals of approval: There are several independent organizations like the NSFInternational and the which testify that a supplement has all the ingredients mentioned on the label. It is not guaranteed though that the product is effective and safe for use. Hence do not be taken in by these seals of approval.
  3. Read the label: It is mandatory that supplements list all the ingredients used in the product. It is advisable that you read up as much as possible on each individual ingredient to understand how a supplement works. In case you don’t have the time consult your GP once again.

How does it fit into your routine

Once you have bought the supplements you must be aware of how to take it and when to take it for optimum results.

  1. What is the intake method: Not all supplements can be taken with water. Some need to be taken before food, some with food and most of them after food. For example, you must not take an iron supplement with milk because each will deter the other’s absorption.
  2. What is the right dosage: The right dosage is dependent on your age, gender, diet and overall health conditions. Pregnant women and nursing mothers and those on the lower spectrum of health will require more dosage. Nursing mothers and pregnant women must take any supplement only after consulting their physician as the wrong dosage will be harmful to the baby.

Final words

Read more about the various natural supplements available in the market that can improve your overall health and wellbeing. Remember along with supplements a good balanced diet and exercise will take you a long way.