TravelingOn A Limited Budget

Everytime you see pictures of beautiful places and especially when you see pictures of your friends traveling to these beautiful places, you feel this urge to leave everything and pick up your bags and take to the roads. Some people are looking for a relaxing holiday, while some want to travel to historical places and some people are always looking for the next big adventure. There are so many options available now that people are spoilt for choices. If money is not a problem for you,thenthe sky is the limit. You can travel to any part of the world and very soon will be able to travel out to space as wellif you have the money. On the other hand, if you are like most people, money is probably the biggest criteria for you in choosing the location, mode of transport, lodging and overall standard of comfort.

Here are a few tips that will help you to plan your dream holiday on a limited budget.

Avoid Peak Seasons: Be aware that prices for everything go up during the peak season. Different places have different peak tourist seasons, so do your research and plan a trip, when you will get good deals.

Hostels vs Hotels:Hostels are always a better option than staying in hotels, and there are a lot of options, like youth hostels, lady’s hostels etc. They may not offer great comfort but give great value for money.

Do Odd Jobs: Take on some odd jobs, wherever available, and earn your way through your travels. If you are good at cooking, painting or can do some minor repairs and be a handyman, then you can earn good money.

Rent a Bicycle: When you are traveling a new place, choose cycles over cars to see the place. It is not only good for your health, but it will also save you money and you can do the sightseeing at your own pace.

Be Flexible: If you are traveling on a budget, then be flexible with your plans. If you meet other travelers who offer you a ride to a different place then accept it. Take the cheapest flights and buses wherever possible, which you can do only if you are not rigid about scheduling.

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