Everything There is Know About Hair Extensions

First of all, you should know that there are different methods of extensions. Choosing one from them can be complicated if you don’t know much about extensions and how they work. Of course, the method you will choose will depend on your personal preference, type of hair and more importantly your budget because some methods can be really expensive. Here are the most commonly used methods by girls: Fusion hair extensions, Tape-in Hair Extension, and Weave Hair Extension. Each of these methods has its pros and cons. For example, the Fusion hair extension will last you the longest time, but it is the most expensive and time-consuming method.

How to Maintain and Style

If you had implanted good extensions into your hair it should not be noticeable, it should be just like it is your hair. The best way to achieve that result is to color it all the same color, that way it will be impossible to tell. Of course, that is if the hair is real human hair and not synthetic. Other than blending it together with your natural hair to match the color, you can do whatever you want with it. you can style those extensions however you want, just like it was your natural hair. You can apply all the same product as you would on your hair, it will not have any unwanted effect. However, we suggest that you try out the hair megaspray for maximum and best effects.

Human or Synthetic Hair

Maybe the more important question other than what method you will use will be whether you will be using real human hair or the synthetic one. There are many differences between these two types. First of all, the biggest difference that you will come across is the price because the real human hair is extremally expensive compared to the synthetic one. When you are buying real human hair, there are certain factors that you have to lookout for such as the quality of the hair, thickness, and even length. However, all those factors will greatly affect the price of that piece of hair. The better the quality the higher the price, in life usually everything is like that. However, with synthetic hair, you will be getting the same quality every time.

Now about the quality of synthetic hair, well there is not much to talk about because there is no quality synthetic hair. It is very simple, synthetic hair will never look good and blend with your hair like regular human hair can. Furthermore, the synthetic hair can get tangled up easily and it can’t be exposed to high temperatures. However, they are much cheaper that real human hair, therefore if you want to try out for the first-time extensions, synthetic hair might be the best choice for your first time. But if you are already familiar with the extension process and you know that you will like it, then go with real hair because it will look more natural.


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